June 21, 2022

The 2008 football schedule ended for the Chiefs with a 2-14 record which placed them 4th in their conference division. Brodie Croyle, the quarterback of this young team, ended his season in only the 7th week with a new injury. This may have been the worst season for the team on record, but fans remained hopeful and enthusiastic. Even with a series of painful losses at home and on the road there was still a strong demand for Kansas City Chiefs tickets. This loyalty has been evident since 1963 when this Texas based team first rolled into town.

The Franchise Beginning of the Kansas City Chiefs

Lamar Hunt’s was the driving force that helped establish the ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบเว็บตรง franchise that became the Kansas City Chiefs. He was the one who first launched the idea of a second football league in 1959. There were 8 team owners that signed on with Hunt to begin the AFL. The concept of a new football organization competing toe to toe with the NFL was so alien that many thought it was doomed to failure. The 8 owners of AFL teams were dubbed “The Foolish Club”. The new league was announced by Bert Bell who was then the NFL Commissioner. The NFL did not want to be associated with the AFL teams, but this made little difference to the proud new team owners who were bursting with excitement.

Chicago was the site for the first meeting of the new AFL league and the 6 charter members were the cities of New York, Denver, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston and Minneapolis. Buffalo was added as a seventh member two months later and then Boston was included as the 8th franchise. The owners all agree that without Lamar Hunt none of this would have been