June 21, 2022

When considering implementing a training program for you child or your youth football team you must take several things into consideration. The over riding factor you need to consider is safety. Not just from a sprain or strain but also from a long term injury that may not show up in the short term. Remember kids are growing and you don’t want to cause an injury that would affect you player long term.

That said, it is worthwhile to improve the fitness of your youth football player or players and in fact good fitness and technique actually will prevent injuries from occurring. Quality exercise will also help youth football players to develop strength and lean muscle mass as they grow.

The History of Youth Fitness Training

Throughout history youth have developed and worked their muscles through work and chores. They have been called on to do chores like hauling water, chasing livestock, and to participate in helping the family to meet its basic needs. If you think about it hunting and gathering, planting crops and harvesting are all very physical activities so really youth have been exercising throughout history.

Most of the youth involved in football programs do not have to hunt for meat or gather and carry food and most don’t have physically demanding chores to do. Football can be a sport that is trained for year round without putting tremendous pressure on the kids. You can keep the emphasis on general cardiovascular exercise and mix in some speed drills which help with all sports as well as general fitness. ufabetแทงบอล ดีสุด

Keys to Youth Football Training

The key to a good youth football fitness program is to have safety, supervision, and proper instruction at all times. Although flag football can start earlier, most contact football programs start at age of 10 as it is a significant age for several reasons.

The games become more competitive, and earning a starting position is more difficult. Staying healthy becomes a top priority as you can’t get playing time if you are injured. Players, parents and coaches often will decide it’s time to start some sort of a physical training program as the competition gets tougher.

While some 10-year-olds may be playing competitive sports for the first time, many have played before but have not seen as high a level of intensity. To ensure you minimize the risk of injury, players and parents must adapt to proper training techniques.

10 years old is too young to start training daily and it is not time for strength tra